With the elections right around the corner, I find myself day dreaming about what the presidential attire would consist of if I were the president of the United States. See, America is good for setting boundaries on what is “politically correct” and what isn’t. But I choose to differ with the normalities of the blue suits and red ties being the signature look for the man who “runs” my country. If I were president, or a man at that, I’d want to be polished yet unique. I’d want to break the limits of the presidential image and bring out the colorful, unique variety that America really brings. After all, Americans are the most vibrant, creative, integrated humans on this planet, why not represent that? Check out my Presidential Looks below

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Fall is basically here! During this fall season I’d like to see my fashionists putting their color blocking to the test! With this look, I chose to mix in some of my favorite trends for the season all into one great look. The chiffon sheer palazzo pants, suede shoes and bags, blacks and whites, color blocking and red lipsticks are all a must have for the 2011 fall arrival. Look for your sheer chiffon palazzo pants in bright colors to add some spunk into your look. If you are able to find high-waisted ones, even better. Use all different colors and layer them on for one great color-blocked look. Black and white items will be huge this fall. Especially striped items. When dealing with the fall weather its important to always layer your clothing so that you can feel comfortable with the warmth during the day and be prepared for the chill during the night. My Fall Fashion Trend forecast will be up shortly….Stay tuned lovers.

Its FLYDAY!!! The weather is chilly and holiday spirit is in the air! Ladies it is no hidden secret that leather and leopard print are in this season. Heres a way for you to be in style yet comfortable to be able to handle your friday run arounds. Now, Fellas….dont be alarmed…its good to try new things. Picture yourself strolling in the new you. Stylish, sophisticated and fun! Enjoy your day LOVERS!

Casio has once again combined with Japanese anime franchise Evangelion to produce an outlandish G-SHOCK watch. The pair have again chosen to work on the popular GA-110 model but have this time opted for a more intricate colorway. Decorated with various bright colors, the watch face is complex and futuristic; featuring all the usual technical aspects enjoyed by the GA-110. Expect a release soon from select retailers. DOPEEEE!

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This spread makes me wanna run wild…..alot of native american influence with a bit of glam….LOVE LOVE LOVE. Go ELLE!

BYE BYE RAYBAN….HELLOW GREY ANT. Hop on the Grey Ant oversized status sunglasses. They are the new it shades and a must for everyday wear. They run at about 240 a pair and come in black, grey (smoke) and red. We all know my favorite ones are the red ones. They can be found at select retailers online. GO GO GO.

Ladies, its FALL. Nothing better to bring in the chill than the fab print leggins. Red Lipstick and nail polish is a must!! Look for chunk chain accessories and Boots are an obvious.

Fellas, one word…android homme….these sneakers are essential to any mans wardrobe. The leather biker vest are def in for the season and you can prep em up a tad with a scarf and some fitted denim….all about the swag.

Get Wit It!

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Canada’s La Maison Simons teams up with New York-based designer John Bartlett for the fall 2010 season with a special limited line entitled John Bartlett Collection Signature Simons. Taking into account his fall line, Bartlett extended his latest lineup to include a “mix of urban sexiness and rugged outdoor detailing.” From militaristic outerwear and slim suiting to sateen shirting, Bartlett puts on a fantastic showing for Simons, who have planned a September 7th release for the new line. Looking to commemorate a special season for both La Maison Simons and John Bartlett, a search for the ideal man was necessary. Wanting a certain sophistication and sex appeal, the iconic Tony Ward came to mind as a first choice. Check it out below

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